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A feis is a great way to show off the skills and dances you have been learning in class. It is also a great way for your dancer to get feedback from a judge and even meet new friends. Please speak with Dympna before registering for a feis or if you have any questions. Here are some upcoming local feises:

9/16/2023 Syracuse Feis (Syracuse, NY)

9/23/2023 Oakville Feis (Oakville, ON)

9/23/2023 Pittsburgh Fall Feis (Pittsburgh, PA)

9/24/2023 Crown and Rose Feis (Oakville, ON)

9/24/2023 Pittsburgh Halloween Feis (Pittsburgh, PA)

10/8-9/2023 RNS Inner Harbor Feis (Syracuse, NY)

10/15/2023 Goodwin Jamieson Feis (Bristol Mtn, NY)

10/27-29/2023 Eastern Canada Oireachtas (Toronto, ON)

12/18/2023 Fielle Nollaig (Ottawa, ON)

12/30-31/2023 Pittsburgh Winter Feis (Pittsburgh, PA)

1/27/2024 Chocolatetown Feis (Hershey, PA)

1/28/2024 Sweetest Feis on Earth (Hershey, PA)

For a complete listing of feiseanna in the Eastern Canadian Region, please visit

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